1st Grade

Meet the Teacher:

    Hi, my name is Angie Dietiker and I am teaching 1st grade this year.  I have been teaching at St. Rose for 18 exciting years.  I have been married to my husband Kevin for 25 years and have 3 amazing children.  My daughter is a graduate from St. Rose and Trinity Catholic high school. She is in her fourth year at SIUE studying Pharmacy. My son Trenton graduated from St. Rose and is a Freshman at Lindenwood..  Last, but not least is my son Aidan, he is a graduate from St. Rose and is a freshman at Duchesne.  Our family is "big" into soccer and if I'm not at school you can find me out on a soccer field somewhere.  I'm very excited about this school year and can't wait for all the fabulous learning to take place.


Welcome to first grade!

Specials:  Monday- Art/Music
                 Tuesday- Art/Music and PE
                 Wednesday-  Spanish
                  Thursday- P.E. and Art/Music
                  Friday- Computer

Homework folders will be sent home daily.  Please check them for special notes and work that needs to be completed and returned. 

Friday folders will be sent home on Friday. Please empty and return them on Monday. 

I will post weekly on my Bulletin Board in Fast Direct.

March 9 - March 13

posted Mar 9, 2020, 11:32 AM by Angie Dietiker

Math- Addition sums through 14

Phonics- Compound words
               Suffixes less, ness, and ly
                Digraphs ai and ay

Reading:  Test Friday
                Story:  Amazing Animals  
                Vocabulary words:  learning, begins, until, eight, young, follow, years, and baby

English:  Pronouns I and me

Religion:  Lent 
                St. Patrick

Spelling:  Test Friday
                far            arm            yard            art
                jar            bar             barn            bark
                card         yarn           smart          chart

Science:  Finish Penguins

March 2 - March 6

posted Mar 2, 2020, 11:34 AM by Angie Dietiker

Math:  Compare numbers
            Order numbers
            Adding 9 to a number
            Problem solving:  use reasoning

Phonics:  Compound words
                Suffixes less, ness, and ly
Reading:  Test Thursday
                Story:  The Garden    
                ;Vocabulary:  few, night, loudly, window, noise, story, shall, and world

English:  Pronouns

Religion:  Lent

Spelling:  Test Friday
                sleep            long            we            like
                clock            with             sanding    been
                must             insect         brisk          does
    Sentences:  He has been resting at home.
                        Does the clock ring at ten?

Science:  Penguins
                Eagle fact due Friday

February 10 - February 14

posted Feb 10, 2020, 11:35 AM by Angie Dietiker   [ updated Feb 10, 2020, 11:42 AM ]

Math:  Count and order using a hundred chart pattern
            Place value of digits
            Expanded Form

Phonics:  Final, Stable, Syllables fle, ple, dle, tle, gle, cle, kle, sle, and zle

Reading:  Test February 20th
                Story:  Tomas Rivera   
                Vocabulary words:  work, great, talk, were, laugh, paper, soon, and done

English:  Future tense

Religion:  Sacraments cont.
                St. Valentine

Spelling:  Test Friday
                me            tree            sea
                be            read            feet
                keep        eat              mean
                these       street          please

        **No Sentences this week**

Science:  Penguins cont.

February 3 - February 7

posted Feb 3, 2020, 11:35 AM by Angie Dietiker

Math:  Numbers 90-100
            Problem Solving Using a Model
            Count and Order Using Hundred-Chart Patterns

Phonics:  Spelling with the final c
                Final, Stable, Syllable -ble

Reading: Test Monday, February 10th
                Story:  Where Does Food Come From?   
                Vocabulary:  food, first, ground, sometimes, under, these, right, and your

English:  Nomes of Months, Days, and Holidays

Religion:  Sacraments
                Jesus celebrated God's love
                We celebrate God's love
                Jesus gave us the Sacraments

Spelling:  Test Friday
                sat                cost                street                resting
                dog               milk                thank                color
               glad               sock               needed             friend

Science:  Penguins

January 27 - January 31

posted Jan 27, 2020, 11:43 AM by Angie Dietiker

Happy Catholic School's Week 

Math:  Place value:  numbers through 89

Phonics:  The Floss Rule
                  Letter V
                 Spelling with the final C

Reading:  Test Thursday
                  Story:  The Big Trip    
                   Vocabulary words:  there, by, sure, could, don't, car, about, and maybe

English:  Compound Sentences 

Religion:  Catholic School's week 

Spelling:  Test Friday
    so            hole            joke            poke
    go            no              bone           chose
    home      rope            stove         wrote

****No sentences this week****

Science:  Penguins

January 13 - January 17

posted Jan 13, 2020, 10:15 AM by Angie Dietiker

Math:  Measuring using inches cont.
            Place value through 100

Phonics:  Letter J
                the FLOSS rule

Reading:  Test Friday
                Story:  Let's Go to the Moon!   
                Vocabulary:  think, bring, before, light, because, carry, show, and around

English:  Questions

Religion:  Our Parish helps many people
Spelling:  Test Friday
                see            that            back            bring
                red            this             sing             think
                green        three          are               from

Science:  Whales

January 6 - January 10

posted Jan 7, 2020, 6:54 AM by Angie Dietiker

Happy New Year!

Math:  Problem Solving:  Use Logical Reasoning
            Measure using inches

Phonics:  Letter y
                Digraphs sh and oo

Reading:  Test Friday
                Story:  Animal Groups   
                Vocabulary words:  bird, fly, both, long, eyes, or, those, and walk

English:  the verb be

Religion:  We Belong to a Parish
                Our Parish is like a family
                We gather together to Worship
                We work together as a Parish

Spelling:  Test Friday
                came            gave            kite
                make            shape          bike
                brave            time            white
                late               like             drive

Science:  Whales cont.

December 9 - December 13

posted Dec 9, 2019, 10:59 AM by Angie Dietiker

Math:  Measuring with same-size units
            Measuring Length
            Problem-solving:  use logical reasoning

Phonics:  i consonant e
                e consonant e
                Letters x and y

Reading:  Test Tuesday, December 17th
                Story:  The Big Race   
                Vocabulary:  two, into, three, starts, over, four, five, and watch

English:  verbs past and present tense

Religion:  Advent and Christmas

Spelling:  Test Friday
                that            chin            ship
                then           chop           shop
                this            chip            when
               with            much          fish

        * No Sentences this week

Science:  Whales

December 2 - December 6

posted Dec 2, 2019, 11:39 AM by Angie Dietiker

Math:  Order by length
            Use indirect comparison
Phonics:  a consonant e
                o consonant e
                u consonant e
                i consonant e
                e consonant e

Reading:  Test Friday
                Story:  Seasons   
                Vocabulary:  green, fall, yellow, new, grow, down, open, and goes

English:  Subject and verb agreement
                Writing letters

Religion:  Advent and St. Nick

Spelling:  Test Friday
                hi            am            him            best            pick            what
                go          get            ten             help            black           you

    Sentences:  1:  Get a can of clams.
                        2.  What can you print?

Science:  Whales

November 18 - November 22

posted Nov 18, 2019, 6:24 AM by Angie Dietiker

Math:  Problem solving using a model
            Finding missing addends
            Subtract to Compare
            Solve comparison word problems

Phonics:  Letter W
                Digraph oo

Reading:  Test Friday
                Story:  How Leopard Got His Spots   
                Vocabulary:  brown, own, very, off, never, know, out, and been

English:  Command Sentences

Religion:  St. Rose Philippine Duchesne
                Jesus Had Many Followers cont.

Spelling:  Test Friday
                ask            big            can         cat
                lost            drop          ants        snip
                flag            stand        of            to

        Sentences:  Ask Dan to clap.
                            The pan is in the sink.

Science:  Whales

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