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April 16 - April 20

posted Apr 16, 2018, 10:58 AM by Angie Dietiker
Math:  Adding three single digits numbers
            Last four addition facts
            Rounding a number to the nearest multiple of 10 by estimating
            Counting dimes, nickels, and pennies
            Identifying fractional parts of a whole

Phonics:  Spelling with the doubling and dropping rules
                Ghost letter digraphs kn, gn, and wr

Reading:  Test Wednesday
                Vocabulary words:  learning, begins, until, eight, young, follow, baby, and years
                 Story:  Amazing Animals

English:  Pronouns cont.  and possessive pronouns

Religion:  We celebrate Mass cont. 
                We share God's love

Spelling:  Test Friday
                by                even            portion            carnation
                say              point            sliding             only
                for                nation          answer           September
                Sentences:  1.  I hear that your team is on the corner lot.
                                    2.  Each team is eager to play.

Science:  Frogs cont.
                Earth Day