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April 23 - April 27

posted Apr 23, 2018, 10:57 AM by Angie Dietiker
Math:  Graphing tags on a bar graph
            Writing observations about a graph
            Measuring and drawing line segments to the nearest centimeter
            Identifying geometric solids:  cubes and cylinders
            Subtraction facts:  Differences of 1

Phonics:  Trigraphs tch and dge
                Spelling with ch, tch, dge, and ge
                Digraph ie

Reading:  Test Thursday ( this test has been pushed back a day)
                Vocabulary words:  again, boy, along, began, father, house, nothing, and together
                Story:  Whistle for Willie

Religion:  We share God's Love and we will begin to practice for our Mass on May 2nd

Spelling:  Test Friday
                how            blue            enjoy            vacation
                round         argue          overpay        early
                dishes        diver            learn            afternoon

                Sentences:  1.  Braden found four spiders in the corner of the dark barn.
                                    2.  His cat wanted to sniff them.

Science:  Frogs and Earth day cont.