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April 9 - April 13

posted Apr 9, 2018, 10:56 AM by Angie Dietiker
Math:  Addition facts:  Four of the last eight
           Identifying geometric solids cones and spheres
           Using bills to pay for items to $20
           Adding three single-digit numbers

Phonics:  Digraph ph
                Soft g
                Spelling with the doubling rule

Reading:  Test Tuesday, April 10
                Vocabulary:  few, noise, night, loudly, window, story, shall, and world
                Story:  The Garden 

                Test Wednesday, April 18
                Vocabulary:  learning, begins, until, eight, young, follow, baby, and years
                Story:  Amazing Animals

English:  Pronouns cont. 
               I and Me

Religion:  We Celebrate Mass

Science:  Frogs cont.

Spelling:  far            bark            her            third
                yard         smart          girl            first
                barn         chart           bird           turn
                **Now sentences this week**