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February 5 - February 9

posted Feb 5, 2018, 11:18 AM by Angie Dietiker
Math:  Doubles plus one facts cont.
            Guessing and checking to solve a problem
            Adding two digit numbers without regrouping
            Identifying how many more on a graph

Phonics:  Soft (cedilla) c
                Digraph ow
                vowel pattern v'/cv with letters a, i, and e

Reading:  Vocabulary words-  bird, eyes, fly, or, both, those, long, and walk
                 Story:  Animal Groups 
                  Test Thursday

English:  Verb "be"
                Suffixes es and est
                Review articles

Religion:  Baptism  ( We did not get to baptism last week.  We concentrated on Catholic Schools week and did activities                                         each day that went along with the theme.)

Science:  Penguins cont.

Spelling:  Test Friday
                my            soon            made            number
                tell            shall             feelings         want
                her            stringy         packed          don't

Sentences:  My dog likes to nap with me.
                     After he wakes up, he wants to run.