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November 27 - December 1

posted Nov 27, 2017, 11:10 AM by Angie Dietiker
Math:  Counting dimes and pennies
            Creating and identifying a line of symmetry
            Identifying one half of a whole
            Writing the fraction 1/2
            Identifying odd and even numbers

Phonics:  Floss rule
                Letter V
                Spelling with the final ve
                Spelling with the final c
Reading:  Vocabulary words- cold, where, blue, far, little, live, their, and water
                Story:  At Home in the Ocean      
                Test Friday

Spelling:  Test Friday
                sat            dog            glad            cost    
                milk           sock           street          resting
                thank        needed        color           friend

English:  Proper nouns

Religion:  Ordinary Times

Science:  Whales