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November 6 - November 10

posted Nov 6, 2017, 11:06 AM by Angie Dietiker
Thank you to all the parents who helped plan and joined our Halloween party.  It was so much fun!

Don't forget Friday we do not have school

Math:  Subtracting 1
            Counting dimes
            Counting by 2's

Phonics:  o consonant e
                 u consonant e
                 i consonant e

Reading:  Vocabulary words:  after, draw, read, was, pictures, and write
                 Story:  Dr. Seuss   
                  Test Tuesday

English:  Singular and plural nouns cont.

Religion:  Jesus teaches us to love cont.

Spelling:  Test Thursday
                 see        red        that        this
                 back      sing       bring      think
                 green     three     are         from

Sentences:  The bag is from Pam.
                     I think we can go.

Science:  Bats cont.