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October 21 - October 25

posted Oct 21, 2019, 11:45 AM by Angie Dietiker
2nd Quarter begins
Report cards go home on Friday.  Please don't forget to sign up for a parent/teacher conference.

Math:  Count on to Subtract
            Related Subtraction Facts
            Related Addition and Subtraction Facts

Phonics:  Letter E
                Digraph ck
                Spelling with K and digraph ck

Reading:  Test Friday
                Story:  Dr. Seuss   
                Vocabulary:  write, draw, read, pictures, was, and after

English:  Singular and Plural Nouns

Religion:  Jesus taught us to love God, ourselves, and others
                Jesus taught us that all people are our neighbors 

Spelling:  Test Friday
                as                is                so
                its               sit                and
                did              last              stop
                stop            land

        Sentences:  I stop a lot.
                            I dis it last.

Science:  Bats