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October 30 - November 3

posted Oct 26, 2017, 1:18 PM by Angie Dietiker
***No School November 1st-All Saints Day***

Math: Addition Facts:  Adding 0
           Covering a design in different ways
           Counting by 10's to 100

Phonics:  a consonant e
                o consonant e
                u consonant e
                spelling with the final ke

Reading:  Vocabulary words:  after, draw, pictures, read, was, and write
                 Story:  Dr. Seuss   
                  Test Monday, November 6th

English:  Singular and plural nouns

Writing:  Personal narratives

Religion:  Jesus taught us to love God, ourselves, and others
                Jesus taught us to that all people are our neighbors

Spelling:  go            am            hi            him
                ten           get            best        help
                pick          black        what        you

Sentences:  1.  Get a can of clams.
                    2,  What can you print?

Science:  Bats cont.  and pumpkins