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October 9 - October 13

posted Oct 9, 2017, 10:54 AM by Angie Dietiker
Math:  identifying lighter and heavier using a balance
            looking for a pattern to solve a problem
            covering designs with pattern blocks
            ordering numbers to 20
            adding 1 to a number
            writing number sentences for "some, some went away" stories
            creating subtraction problem situations

Phonics:  spelling with digraph ck and final k
                digraph th and ng
                suffixes ing and ed

Reading:  vocabulary words:  of, how, make, some, why, and animal
                Story:  How Animals Communicate   
                Test Monday, October 16

English:  introduce commas in a series, nouns, and informative writing

Religion:  Jesus teaches us about love

Spelling:  as        so        sit        did        stop
                is         its        and       last       land

Sentences:  I stop a lot.
                    I did it last.

Science:  Bats