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September 11 - September 15

posted Sep 12, 2017, 7:06 AM by Angie Dietiker
Math:  identifying a triangle and identifying the number of sides and angles
            sorting by 1 attribute
            making a shape on a Geoboard
            identifying inside and outside
            acting out and drawing pictures for "some, some more" and "some, some went away" story problems

Phonics:  letters s and d
                suffix s
                blends st, sn, sp, ph, and spl

Reading:  vocabulary words:  sing, do, they, funny, find, and no
                story:  Curious George goes to School 
                   Test Wednesday, September 13

Spelling:  Test Friday
                yet            wet
                web           leg
                pen            hen

Religion:  Jesus is God's Greatest Gift
                Blessed Trinity

Science:  Bears

English:  verbs cont.