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September 30 - October 4

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Math:  Problem Solving:  Read and understand
            Solve for unknown addends
            Adding 1 to a number

Phonics:  Letters F, H, G, and R

Reading:  Test Wednesday
                Story:  Jack and the Wolf   
                Vocabulary:  come, hear, said, away, call, and every
                Test Thursday, October 10
                Story:  How Animals Communicate   
                Vocabulary:  of, how, make, some, animal, and why

English:  Complete sentences and adjectives 

Religion, Jesus works among us cont.
                John the Baptist
                Jesus shared God's Love with all People
                Jesus Teaches that God Watches over us and Cares for us

Spelling:  Test Thursday
                in            will            did            sit
                six           big           trip            grin

Science:  Finishing unit on Bears
                Bat Facts Due Monday, October 7