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September 5 - September 8

posted Sep 5, 2017, 7:09 AM by Angie Dietiker
    I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.  Please make sure to check homework folders nightly.  If your child is absent please be aware homework will be sent home for them to complete and return.

Math:  using data to construct a bar graph
            identifying the steps in the problem solving process
            using logical reasoning to solve a problem
            identifying morning and afternoon
            identifying first, last, between, and middle
            identifying first, second, and third
            acting out "some, some more" and "some, some went  away" stories

Phonics:  letters a, z, and s

Reading:   Vocabulary words:  sing, do, they, funny, find, and no
                  Story:  Curious George at School
                   Test Wednesday, September 13

English:  possessive nouns cont.
                action verbs

Religion:  We believe in the Holy Trinity
                God sent his only Son, Jesus, to us
                Jesus is God's greatest gift

Spelling:  Test Friday
                ,log                    hot
                dot                     ox
                top                    lot

Science:  Bears            *****  Bear fact due Friday*****