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Another Week in Kindergarten :)

posted Sep 6, 2019, 1:55 PM by Jamie Austin   [ updated Sep 6, 2019, 1:58 PM ]
Good afternoon!  We have finished our 4th week of Kindergarten and boy has it been interesting ;)  We are learning many new things, especially how to get used to our new routine and days without "rest time".  It is a lot for the Kindergartners to take in, but they are all adjusting very well!  We will continue to work on bettering our listening skills and paying attention to the task at hand.  We will increase our abilities to focus longer as well ;).  

If you have not turned in your 3 forms (1. parent signature page saying you saw and read the Back to School packet with your child, 2. Child information page, and 3. student information square for emergencies) please do so as soon as possible.  If you have by chance misplaced your copy, please let me know and I can send home a 2nd copy.  If you are unsure if you turned in one or all of these papers, please send me a note and I can double check for you and let you know.

Please note, all students are bringing home a weekly "behavior log" each evening for you to get an idea of how their day is going.  I do my best to mark them accurately, and will start being more detailed with them starting in the 2nd quarter as some, if not most, of our Kindergarten friends are adjusting to the new routine.  Some friends spent time in Preschool learning how to sit still and not talk for maybe 15 minutes at a time, but were able to enjoy playtime for a big part of their day.  Our days in Kindergarten will consist of more actual learning time and less play time.  Our time of completing tasks will improve as time goes on.  My main concern is keeping you informed of how the day here at school went so that you can assist me in helping your child grow into a well rounded learner who enjoys coming to school each day.

Just a few reminders for the upcoming week:

*Tuesday, September 10th - School Picture Day Please refer to the note that came home on Thursday (9/5) about proper dress attire.  Please make sure your child wears his/her school tennis shoes to school as your child will only be photographed from the chest up.  We have PE on this day as well, but you do not have to dress your student in or send his/her PE uniform to school to change into.  They will be fine for one day.  We should have our pictures taken in the morning so no worries ;). Also, don't forget to send in your picture envelope with the appropriate amount inside for the package you choose to purchase.  If you want to send them in on Monday so you don't forget, that is fine. I will put them in a safe place on my desk and hold on to them until Tuesday when I will pass them out in time to get our pictures taken.

*Wednesday, September 11th - Safe Touch Presentation 
(reminder, if you do not want your child to participate in this program, please let the office, and myself, know in writing).

*Friday, September 13th is a half day of school.  Dismissal is at 12pm.  
If your student is going to aftercare on this day, please make sure to send him/her to school with a lunch as lunch will not be provided on this day.

*Monday, September 16th - Book Orders Due!

As always, have a GREAT weekend!

Please feel free to donate items to our classroom to make it a fun learning environment for all students. 
For your shopping convenience, teachers have been asked to create an Amazon Wish List.