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Another week of learning :)

posted Sep 27, 2019, 1:57 PM by Jamie Austin
We have completed yet another full week of learning and the students are improving daily!  We ar eworking hard to review our letters and the correct sound each letter makes as well as learning how to write each letter correctly and neatly.  This is not always an easy task, but the students are completing each of these tasks without fail and fixing thier mistakes without much complaint.  They have the same attitude when it comes to reviewing and learning how to corrrectly write each number as well :)

Next week, we will be starting a unit on apples.  If you have not sent in an apple to school with your son/daughter, please do so by Monday, September 30.  The end of this unit is always my favorite, and from what I have heard past students say and remind me about, they enjoy it too.  I can't wait to share this surprise and the excitement of it with your child and also have them share it with you on Thursday :)

This past week, I sent home 3 login codes for three different educational/learning websites/apps.  If you have not looked at these papers that came home in your child's folder earlier this week, please take the time to do so over the weekend.  Not only will these learning sites help your child "learn new things", they will be able to continue to review and refresh the skills taught/learned as well as keep them "at thier finger tips".  The educational/learning websites/apps are:

1.  Lalilo - this website/app focuses on phonics and reading.  It builds on lettersounds and putting those letter sounds together in order to read, as well as has activities and 
                 games to help your child learn and practice the Kindergarten sight words that they will need to know before being promoted to 1st grade.

2. Freckle - this website/app focuses on many different curriculum subjects, epsecially language arts/reading, and math.  It will also build on skills taught and strengthen skills 
                   your child might be struggling with.

3.  Epic! - This is a website/app that actually reads books to your child and helps them focus on comprehension of what is read.  IT has been brought to my atention that this 
                one has a fee attached to it, so I get it if you do not want to pay for it.  As an educator, I am able to access it for free, so it may just be a website/app we use strictly 
                in the classroom.  I am still looking in to this to see if there is indeed a fee or not.  I will update you if it turns out there is and apologize in advance.  It really is a 
                good website to help build reading comprehension and to be able to experieince reading at a whole new level.

As always, have a GREAT weekend!

Please feel free to donate items to our classroom to make it a fun learning environment for all students. 
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