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A Week of FUN :)

posted Nov 2, 2018, 7:13 AM by Jamie Austin
Well, October has come and gone, and the Kindergarteners are continuing to learn so much!  We are almost finished with our alphabet review and ready to move on to putting the sounds of each of our letters together to read new words and sentences as well as to begin learning our sight words.  

We had a very eventful and fun Halloween day.  We shared our costumes with the residents at St. Catherine's retirement community and then carved our pumpkin as Jesus would have us do - learning how we can shine our light for him.  First, we cut open the top of our pumpkin and asked Jesus to open our minds and fill us with wisdom.  Next, we scooped out the inside and asked Jesus to take out all of our sin and fill us with love.  Then, we carved the eyes and asked jesus to open our eyes so that we could see his glory.  Next, we carved a nose  and asked jesus to let our lives be a sweet aroma to him.  After that, we carved a mouth and asked Jesus to help us speak his words of truth and love.  Finally, we placed a light inside of our pumpkin and asked Jesus to fill us with his light so that we can shine for all to see.  

Don't forget, if your son/daughter still  has an October reading log that he/she would still like to turn in, these are due to me by Monday, November 5th so that I can get them sent in.  The actual program with The Pasta House and Pizza Hut did not start until October, so for those students who turned in a Reading Log for the month of September, they will be receiving two certificates for both programs.  I should have these ready to send home around the 25th of each month.