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Happy Fall!

posted Oct 3, 2019, 1:41 PM by Jamie Austin
We finished up the week with more letter review and learning how to say the correct sounds and write them correctly.  We are still working on the same skill with our numbers.  

Today we finished our unit on Apples - we taste tested 3 different kinds - red delicious, granny smith, and golden delicious.  We also made applesauce with the apples that were brought into school.  The kids all had so much fun!  

Next week, we will continue to work on identifying and reviewing our letters, their correct sounds, and how to write them correctly.  Soon, we will begin putting these sounds together to read simple words and working our way up to harder words!  

In Religion, we will continue to discuss the great gifts that God has made for us :)

In Math, we will continue to review our numbers and how to write them correctly.  We wil lbe able to identify sets of things by counting them as well.

We wil lread our 2nd AR book 2 more times and take our 2nd test.  Johnny Appleseed :)

As always, have a GREAT weekend!

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