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Happy New Year!

posted Jan 4, 2019, 2:02 PM by Jamie Austin
I hope everyone had a joyous and eventful Christmas and enjoyed their break from school celebrating with your family and friends.  

As we start the second semester, we will start many new things.  We are well on our way to speeding up our learning process with the start of the third quarter.  I have already sent a few notes home on Thursday detailing these things as reminders that we will begin Math Attack homework and AR Reading/Testing homework.  So if you have not seen them yet, please check your son/daughter's blue Home To School Communication Folder for them.  But, just in case, I have tried my best to highlight a couple of the new items below.

Math Attack - Math Attack is a 5 minute a night (Monday-Thursday) piece of homework that reinforces Math Skills being taught at school to keep the skills fresh in the student's brains.  A worksheet will be sent home each evening (Monday-Thursday).  When your child finishes, feel free to check over it with him/her, and then sign it.  Have him/her put it back in his/her folder to send back to school the next day.  Credit can not be given if it is not signed or returned to school the next day.  

AR Reading - the students will need to read a total of 5 books each quarter (they can read more than 5, and as often as you would like, though) Please help them read each book 5 times each, to help them make sure they are comprehending the story.  They can take as many AR tests as they would like to do to get in  practice of taking the tests, but they are only required to take 5 each quarter.  Most importantly, your son/daughter has the ability to check out 2 books from our school library each week.  The librarian works really hard at helping the students pick out level appropriate books for them to read.  These books will ALL be AR books and will have a test for them in the system as long as the book has a green sticker on the side.  ALL AR books from our school library that your child will check out have green stickers on the side.  Your child is allowed to bring home one book each week to read.  When he/she is ready for an AR test, please send the book back to school and I will give him/her the test over the book.  The students can then switch out their library books and take home their 2nd book to read and return to school for a test.  Ultimately, each student should be able to take at least 2 tests a week.  Most books have an AR test in the library AR system, but sometimes there is a chance that there is not a test.  Matter of fact, I will be re-sending the papers from the Library that were sent home at the beginning of the school year that specifically told you how to access the website to look up a book to see if it has a test in the communication folder on Monday. 

Sight Words - The first list that I will be assessing the kiddos on is the set of flashcards that I gave out at Parent/Teacher Conferences.  I will begin assessing the students on a few of these at a time starting Monday, January 8th.

We will also begin a morning handwriting page to better and improve our handwriting skills and make our handwriting neater in appearance.  :)

I will keep you updated on our adventures in Kindergarten as new topics arise and we continue to learn new and exciting things!  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!