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Kindergarten, Week 6

posted Sep 20, 2019, 11:15 AM by Jamie Austin
Welcome to the end of week 6!  We have survived the quietest week yet, due to the upper grade classrooms completeing thier ITBS tests.  We are definitely learning how to walk down the hallway without talking, as well as remaining quiet in the hallways while using the restroom, waiting to go to recess, lunch, or our next special class.  With each passing week, the routine is getting easier and the children are getting better at doing what is being asked of them.  

We will continue to work on our review of the letters - the name of each letter, the sound each letter makes, and how to write each letter correctly and neatly.  We are also working on recognizing these letter sounds at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of words.  We will hopefully be taking our first Accelerated Reeading test next week.  I have read the book 2 times so far, so, by Wednesday (hopefully) we will be able to start the process of taking our first test.  

In Math, we will be continuing to learn about each number, 1-10.  We are working hard to learn how to spell each number as well as how to write it correctly. 

In Religion, we will continue to learn about How God Created the World and Everything In It..  We are also building our stamina up to 5 minutes of "Quiet Time With Jesus" each morning asking him to help us have a good day as well as guide us to be a good friend and student who has good listening ears, to do the best we can to make others proud.  By doing this, hopefully, we will build a strong relationship with God and Jesus, and ultimately become a better person :).  

Once again, thank you for sharing your child with me this year.  I am enjoying each  of them individiually and together as a group.  
I truly enjoy watching each of them as they learn new things and make many new discoveries along the way. 

As always, have a GREAT weekend!

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