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Many Things To Be Thankful For In Kindergarten

posted Nov 15, 2019, 12:05 PM by Jamie Austin
There ar eso many things to be thankful for - Family, Friends, Our Health, and so on.  I am thankful that you entrust me to mentor and teach your child on a daily basis.  They are each unique in thier own way and are a true blessing of God.  They each continue to grow in their learning each and every day and being able to witness this growth is part of that blessing.  We will discuss the many things we are thankful for this coming week as part of our Religion lessons.  I can't wait to hear about all of the neat things each of the studetns are thankful for.  In Reading, we have begun to practice our sight words and continue to practice the sounds that each letter makes in order to put these sounds together in order to read new words.  In Math, we are continuing to practice writing our numbers correctly and counting objects in a set.  

There are many reminders that I need to share with you as we push forward into the 2nd half of the 2nd quarter:

Please pay close attention to the school uniform policy in the school handbook (pages 37 and 38).  Belts ar erequired if your child has belt loops on his/her uniform pants.  Also, students should wear tennis shoes that tie or velcro to school each day.  Slip on shoes are not part of the uniform policy.  Also, please make sure your son/daughter has on plain socks.  Socks can be white, black, navy, red, or gray.  Any other color than those listed  or have designs of any kind on them are not part of the uniform policy.  Also, pajama pants or sweatpants are not allowed to be worn in the classroom under jumpers or sweatpants.  They can be worn to school and outside for recess as well as to go home, but they will have to be removed while we are in the classroom/school building.  Girls are allowed to wear leggings as long as they are white, navy, red or gray under thier jumper in the classroom and building though.  

As the temeratures start to stay cold, lips and hands will begin to get chapped.  I am more than willing to allow your child to use chapstick while at school, but I must have a note from you stating they do indeed need it and just aren't sneaking it to school in thier book bags.  I have a bucket on the shelf that I keep them in and the students are allowed to access and use after each bathroom break and when we return to the classroom after each recess.  I am willing to do the same with hand lotion, but it has to be a small tube or travel size bottle and must also be accompanied by a note.  

As noted in a previous note, I have started sending home reading logs at the beginnign of each month.   Completing this log each month is not a requirement, but it will allow your child to be rewarded with a free meal certificate from The Pasta house Company as well as Pizza Hut.  I have registered online with Pizza Hut and have had links sent to each of the email addesses that you as parents provided in your registration packets.  You have to approve this link for me to be able to reward your child with Pizza Hut Certificates.  As far as the certificates from The Pasta House Company, I send in a list each month to them with names of all students who turned in a reading log.  The list is then sent back to me to use for sending home the certificates.  If you have approved the link for Pizza Hut, I am able to send you the certificate for a free personal pan pizza via email when your child turns in his/her reading log.  If for any reason you can't access this certificate, please let me know and I can print it out for you.  The Pasta House Company ones take a little bit longer.  I have to have the form mailed to The Pasta House Company by the 5th of the month, so it is very important to have it returned to school by the end of each month.  If I receive it after the 5th of the month, I will simply add it to the next month.  I usually recieve the certificates and list back from The Pasta House Company around the 20th of the month and will send them home stapled to your child's reading log.

Reminder to return/turn in the following items that have been sent home in the past two weeks:

If you plan to order books for yuor child from the November Book Order, please have that submitted either online or via your child's take home folder by Monday, November 18th.  I realize we just had the book fair and understand if you are waiting to order. I will not be sending a book order home forthe month of December though.  Please note, if you are wanting to order books for your son/daughter for a Christmas gift, I am very good at keeping secrets and disguising them so your child will be none the wiser ;) and know they are bringing books home for thier own presents.  Send me an email or note letting me know that this is what you would like to do and I can make it happen.  You can always look at mor ethan the flyers sent home online which includes flyers from previous months as well as flyers for upcoming months such as December and possibly january which will include books about Christmas and Snowy weather type books.

Also, a blue Highlights Magazine flyer was sent home in your child's take home folder.  It is not a requirement to sign up for this, but I wanted to give you the option to do so.  Please though, even if you are not wanting to subscribe to it, sign and return the form marked no back to school as I can get fun things for our classroom.  If you are wanting to subscribe, please return the form with your information filled out or you can even submit it online and return the form with a code given to you.  Thank you for returning these to school as promptly as you can.

Finally, don't forget, Tom The Turkey Family Projects are due back to school soon!  I am hoping to have them all returned to school no later than next Friday, november 21st so that I can get them all hung up in the hallway in time for our schoolwide Grandparent's Day celebration.  I have enjoyed the projects that have already been returned to school and can't wait to see the rest of the creative "costumes" you and your child are preparing for Tom the Turkey! 

Invitations for our schoolwide Grandparents Day celebration were sent home this week in your child's take home folders.  Please refer to these for the schedule of the morning as it has changed a little bit this year from years past for those of you who have older children at ASA-SRPD.  

Last but not least, we will be going on our field trip to the Civic Center to see the play, Rosie Reveere, Engineer, next Thursday, November 21st.  We will eat lunch a little bit earlie rthan we are used to so that we can use the restroom and get ready to walk to the Civic Center by 11:45 or so.  We should be back to school by 2 or 2:30 at the latest.  

As always, have a GREAT weekend!

Please feel free to donate items to our classroom to make it a fun learning environment for all students. 
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