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Routines are FUN! :)

posted Aug 31, 2018, 2:05 PM by Jamie Austin
This week seemed to just fly by as we continued to practice our daily routine.  We are slowly adding new things to our daily routine and with each passing day, the students are settling in and becoming more and more eager to learn!  We have finished our Beginning of the Year Assessment in Math and we will soon begin our curriculum.  We also took a look at our Religion books and learned our first two prayers, The Sign of the Cross and The Our Father.  We will continue to practice these, along with our prayer before meals and end of the day prayer throughout the month of September before we add our next prayer, The Hail Mary.  Starting next week, we will start working on the first of our letters.  I will begin by doing a one on one assessment to see who knows what and we will proceed from there by learning the name and sound each letter makes as well as how to write them correctly.  Hopefully, starting next week as well, we will begin using the Chromebooks for Fun Friday.  Mr. Murphy should hopefully be done initializing them for us to use soon!