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September 17-September 21

posted Sep 21, 2018, 2:30 PM by Jamie Austin
We have finished the sixth week of Kindergarten and we are continuing to learn so many new things!  We continue to spend time with each letter focusing on the sound each letter makes and learning how to correctly write each letter.  Building these skills will allow us to become strong readers and writers!  Thus far, we have successfully taken two AR tests.  These tests are based on books I read 4 or 5 times in class to the students.  The scores your son/daughter received on a particular given test is based on his her comprehension skills and the ability to focus and pay attention to the story being read to them.  Some need to focus and pay a little more attention, but overall, the students are doing really well with comprehending what the stories are about.  We are also learning how to write our numbers correctly and identify them on a ten frame.  In Religion, we are focusing on bettering ourselves as loving, caring friends and understanding that God loves us and wonderfully made us to help him spread his love to one another and everyone we meet.  We will continue to build on good character building skills as well as learning how to properly get along with others.  We will welcome a special guest, Chef Bananas, for an assembly on Thursday, September 27.  I look forward to seeing how the children react to this wonderfully entertaining magician and to hear their stories when it is over.  As always, we have a lot going on, please continue to encourage your child to do his/her best and to pay attention, as I see real potential in each of them and am loving watching them every step of the way as they continue to blossom and grow together as children of God!