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September in kindergarten :)

posted Sep 12, 2016, 1:51 PM by Jamie Austin
We are working very hard in Kindergarten and the children are enjoying themselves as we review our letters and begin to write them so that one day soon we can begin putting letters and sounds together to read our first words!  I am very proud of the children so has been a stressful couple of weeks as the air conditioner went out in our regular classroom and we had to relocate to the classroom across the hall.  We have maintained a normal routine and all of the children have done a wonderful job with the transition (change).  Hopefully, we will be back in our regular classroom soon and not on top of each other so much ;)!  All joking aside, I am very proud with each and every student as we have had to make this drastic change.  No one cried, no one complained, they simply did what I asked them to do and were good with it.  

Last Friday, we had our "There's an Intruder in the Building" Drill.  We talked about what an intruder is and how we can stay safe if there ever was an intruder trying to get in our building.  Our main focus was what can we do to stay safe if there was indeed an intruder in the building looking to harm us.  We practiced our safety skills long and hard and talked about the safest way to be SUPER quiet and still in order to not draw attention to our classroom where we were hiding.  I am very proud of how well each child listened and paid attention to the instructions on how to best conduct him/herself during such an incident in order to stay safe.

We will continue reviewing skills on how to be a good friend as well as the Rules of our Classroom and School.  We will continue practicing to be a good friend to each of our classmates and schoolmates as well.  We will also begin studying about apples next week as well.  Lots of exciting things going on in Kindergarten - thank you again for a great start to the school year and for sharing each of your little darlings with me so far!

*Kindergarten students will not receive progress reports this Friday, September 16, 2016.  We do not start sending home report cards until the 2nd quarter.  This gives your child time to get adjusted to the newness of school and the life long process of learning.  If you have any questions,. please do not hesitate to ask :)!