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posted Sep 10, 2020, 11:37 AM by Jamie Austin   [ updated Sep 10, 2020, 11:42 AM ]

This year, Kindergarten will look very different.  Some of you have chosen to send your child to school for face-to-face learning in the classroom/building and some of you have chosen distance learning for your child at home.  Whether your child is learning at school or learning at home, you likely have many questions about what this school year will entail.  I can assure you that my number one priority is to make your child feel special and valued as a member of our class community and to promote meaningful, lifelong learning. 

Whether your child will be learning face-to-face at school, or via distance learning at home, I will do my best to teach to the individual student.  We will be using Google Classroom for distance learning and a number of digital assignments for all students. Each student has been issued a GSuite for Education account address to access Google Classroom by the school.  I will post the lessons we cover in class face-to-face on Google Classroom for the distance learners each day.  Distance learners will need to have access to a technological device and internet so that they can attend our virtual morning meeting each day (time to be determined and posted on Google Classroom after the first week of school) .  Those students participating in distance learning will also need to complete all posted lessons to stay caught up.  We will schedule times for “live” reading and math lessons for the distance learning students to attend as well.   Our school will be using Google Classroom as a form of contactless communication between home and school for all students.  

*Note:  Information in this document is split into sections for “In-Person Learning” (face-to-face learning at school) and “Distance Learning”.  Please make sure to read both sections because at some point, you may decide to switch from one type of learning to the other. 


Our Schedule for In Person Learners(exact times may vary slightly.)

7:30-7:50am: The school building will open for arrival.  

*MORNING PROCEEDURE: student temperatures will be taken and Covid questionnaires will need to be filled out upon arrival in order to enter the building.  Once inside the building, students will go straight to the classrooms.  Teachers will help students use hand sanitizer before they enter the classroom.  Students will go straight to their assigned seat with their belongings.  There will be a hook on the side of each desk for students to hand bookbags.  Students will quietly play with individual activity boxes while waiting for the bell to ring.   

 7:50-8:30am:  The Tardy bell will ring at 7:50.  Attendance and lunch count will be taken. We will begin our day after this with morning prayer and the pledge of allegiance, followed by Morning Meeting.  Morning Meeting will be live streamed each morning via Google Meets (details will be posted in Google Classroom for the Distance Learners the first week of school).  

8:30-9:15/30am: Special Class/Religion (Thursday, Friday)

9:15/30-9:45am: Snack*/Get ready for recess

9:45-10am: Morning Recess (hands will be washed before we go outside and again 

                                                upon entering the building)

10-10:45am: Reading/Fridays, Art/Music

10:45-11am: Wash hands/get ready for lunch/walk to the cafeteria

11-11:20am: LUNCH

11:20-11:40am: LUNCH RECESS

11:45am-12pm: Wash hands upon entering the building/story time

12-1pm: Math 

1-1:20pm: Wash hands/walk to Special Classes (Monday-Thursday)

1:20-2:05pm: Special Class (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

2:05-2:45pm: Religion (Monday, Tuesday)/Snack*

2:45-2:55pm: Pack up and walk outside for dismissal

*NOTE: this year, we will walk out through the courtyard doors down by the chapel and stand on the concrete platform outsidethe chapel entrance.  

*SNACK: Depending on the day,, we may eat snack in the morning or in the afternoon.  Please send one type of snack only, no drinks this year.  

SPECIAL CLASSES for In Person Learners

Mondays: Spanish, PE

Tuesdays: Computers, Art/Music

Wednesdays: Mass. PE

Thursdays: Art/Music

Fridays: Art/Music

Important Things to Know:

During the first week of school, we will be reviewing the many rules and procedures of Kindergarten.  The most important ones we will be discussing will include the following:

  1.  Students will need to remain in their seats at all times (3-6 feet apart) unless told otherwise by the teacher.  This is extremely important to make sure we are always at a safe distance from one another.  

  2. While walking to Special Classes/recess/lunch etc., students are expected to walk quietly and remain 3-6 feet apart.  We will be wearing masks anytime we are in the hallway.

  3. We wil lbe washing hands and using hand sanitizer regularly.  We will wash hands before and after we eat both lunch and snack.  We will wash hands before we leave the classroom for anything else and use it again when we return to the classroom.

  4. I encourage you to send your child’s lunch t oschool in a brown paper bag so that they can be thrown away when finished instead of lunch boxes.  If you do send a lunch box, please sanitize it each evening when it returns home.  Please make sure your child’s name is on the bag/box.

  5. Students are only allowed to use their own supplies.  

  6. Please have your child bring a water bottle with a pop top lid/straw (to prevent spills) as we will not be able to use the water fountain to get drinks.


Students must bring a mask with them to school each day.  The desks in our room are spaced 6 feet apart, so we will not be required to wear a mask while in our classroom. But, we will be required to wear them anytime we go out into the hallway.  Students will not be required to wear a mask at recess either as we will be practicing social distancing while playing and staying in our class pod to play.  Students will also not be required to wear their mask while eating lunch/in the cafeteria.  Please make sure to send a brown paper bag to school though so that your child may place his/her mask inside of it when not wearing.  


Behavior Charts:

I plan on using a daily behavior chart so that you will be aware of any problems during the school day.  I believe in keeping the lines of communication as open as possible between school and home.  Most days they will consist of a GREAT Day accompanied by a smiley face.  If any problems arise, I will note it briefly for you to discuss with your child.

Keys To Success:

We will continue to use “The Keys to Success” positive reinforcement behavior program.  It is intended to promote the education of the whole child.


Students will have a nightly folder.  Please check, and clean out (as needed) your child’s folder each evening.  Your child will bring home papers we completed in class each day and his/her behavior chart in these folders. 


We love to celebrate birthdays in Kindergarten!  Each student is allowed to “dress down” on his/her birthday.  If a student’s birthday is in the summer, they may celebrate on their “half” birthday.  If  a child’s birthday falls on a day we do not have school, they may pick to celebrate on either the school day before or the school day after their birthday.  UNFORTUNATELY, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SHARE BIRTHDAY TREATS THIS YEAR.  We will do some sort of celebration though.  


Snack time will vary depending on the day.  Some days we will eat snack around 9:30 am, some days we will eat snack around 1:30/2 pm.  I ask that you send one type of snack that your child can open on his/her own.  Please do not send a snack that requires silverware.  Also, since students will have water bottles in the classroom, please do not send a second drink for snack.


During the first week of school (August 18-August 21), distance learners should prepare to not see much work posted.  Instead, we will be concentrating on establishing and practicing school and classroom expectations, routines, and proceedures with the students who will be at school learning in person.  I will start posting lessons/assignments on MONDAY, AUGUST 24.  I will schedule a few Google Meet sessions though so that the entire class (both in person learners and distance learners) can spend some time connecting and introducing themselves and getting to know one another.  Look for this information to be posted in our Google Classroom.


Online learners will need classroom textbooks and workbooks (these are the books you will pick up from school on Sunday, August 16).  They will also need pencils, an eraser, crayons, scissors, glue, and extra writing paper to write on.  Some lessons/assignments will need to be printed out in order to complete.

Lessons and Assignments:  

I will post the day’s lessons/assignments every morning by 8am in Google Classroom.  Once we begin posting lessons/assignments online, I expect each distance learner to start the day by completing his/her “Morning Check-In” that will be posted for that day.  THis is how I will take attendance for online learners.  This needs to be completed by 12pm/NOON each day for attendance purposes.  

We are going to try to do a livestream Morning Meeting each morning (time to be determined and posted in Google Classroom) with both in person learners and distance learners in attendance.  The timing of this event  all depends on the number of classes online at one time due to the bandwidth of our school internet connection.  

I will do my best to record and post most/all lessons for new skills being taught to help aid you in teaching these particular skills to your child while they are learning from home.

Each day, an assignment will be posted with the day and date.  When you click on the appropriate day, you will see the list of instructions of what distance learners are asked to do for that day.  Links for the lesson and videos will be provided as necessary.

Once a day’s lessons have been completed, distance learners will be asked to complete an “Exit Ticket”.  This will also be attached to the day’s lesson.  

Distance learners can complete lessons and assignments throughout the day that works for the student/parents as long as everything is turned in on time (by 8am the following day) unless stated otherwise.  

Most assignments will be sent as a PDF and need to be printed out to complete.  Once the assignment is completed, the parent will need to take a picture of the completed assignment (a clear enough picture so that I can read it, please!) and upload/submit it to me via Google Classroom.  Work completed by distance learners will not be submitted in person at this time.  There will also be some assignments that students will complete via Google Forms or Google Slides.  Completion of this work does not require the parent to take a picture or upload anything to Google Classroom.  Simply click “Mark as Done” when your child completes the assignment.

*NOTE: If you are unsure of how to do any of these previously mentioned tasks (use of Google Classroom, submitting a photo of an assignment, completing an assignment using Google Forms, Slides, etc., please email Mr. Murphy, our building tech, at  

Google Meets Meetings

As soon as we are able to get a camera up and running,  the plan is to start having regular interactions between our in person learners and our distance learners to keep everyone connected as a “WHOLE” class.  If you were to have questions about or issues with Google Meet, please contact Mr. Murphy at

I will always post the time and purpose of these meetings via Google Classroom well in advance.

Weekly updates will be given on Fridays via Google Classroom.

Finally, please note that if you have questions about lessons or assignments during the day, I will not be able to respond right away.  I will get back to you as soon as I can during my prep time (when the in person learners go to special classes) and after school from 3:15-4:15pm.




Until further notice, we will not be attending Mass as a school community.  Starting in September, the plan is to live stream Mass from the parish site.  We will be participating in Mass on Wednesdays from our classroom when this begins.  Distance learners are encouraged to attend the live stream at home as well.  A link will be provided.  In the meantime, until we begin live streaming Mass. we will be participating in grade level/classroom Prayer Services.  I will post these and the times we will be doing these so that the distance learners may participate as well (most likely via Google Meets).

Finally :),     

Please feel free to contact me throughout the school day.  I look at my email throughout the day, but mostly during my planning periods (when the students go to special classes) and between 3:15-4:15pm after school during the week most days.  I ask that yuo contact me via Fast Direct.  I will use Fast Direct to contact you as well.  If a phone call is warranted, I will call/return your call during the above listed times.  

I look forward to partnering with you to make this year one of fun learning experiences for your child whether it be in person or from a distance.  Thank you for sharing your child with me and for your cooperation and trust in me throughout the upcoming school year.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  Here’s to a GREAT year!