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Welcome to Kindergarten 2015-2016!

posted Jul 25, 2016, 7:22 PM by Saint Rose Home and School

Wow, to think we have been in school for 100 days this Thursday! Hopefully, everyone is staying warm and anxiously awaiting Spring - three weeks until the St. Louis Cardinals pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training!  The students are learning so much and are working very hard to achieve many assessment goals in their learning.  They are always so eager to learn new things!  

We have met 8 new friends thus far, Cass, Oswald, Golly, Alf, Doc, Sal, Lily, and Icky.  We will be meeting three new friends in our Superkids Reading Series with our new book, Tic, Tac, and Toc.  Tic, Tac, and Toc are triplets.  Hopefully, everyone is using the online components of the reading series that is provided to us as an added tool to help build student reading skills.  We are working hard to listen carefully for sounds we hear at the beginning, at the end, and now in the middle of words.  We have begun sounding out different letters and forming them into words that we can now read.  This is getting easier and easier the more we practice, both at school and at home.  Please also continue to practice the sight word flashcards with your child.  I have 4 students that have mastered the first set of flashcards (40) and are moving on to the 2nd set of flashcards (52).  Each time a set is mastered, your child receives a special recognition star that is placed in the hallway for all to see how hard he/she is working.  Keep up the hard work, kiddos!  We will continue working on our handwriting skills each morning, making sure we are using straight and neat lines when forming each letter as well as working on using proper spacing between not only each letter, but each word and sentence.    

In Math, we have begun Math Attack homework.  The students think this is so neat as now, they are just like the big kids and actually have some kind of homework!  Starting this week, we will be working hard on finishing the skill of learning how to count to 100.  Most, if not all, of the class have already mastered this skill - what an accomplishment to be proud of!  We will continue practicing to write our numbers correctly.  We will begin adding and subtracting simple numbers as well as counting by 10's and 5's.  We are anxiously awaiting the 100th day of school, which is Thursday, January 28th.  We will do many activities that will help us count to 100 and celebrate that we are more than half way done with our school year.    

In Religion, we continue to focus on the Many Colors of Us! and our social skills that will help us learn how to best get along with one another as a team.  The children all seem to be doing a great job at getting along and sharing time amongst all of their friends as they enjoy every minute of being in a loving, caring, God centered environment!

This last half of the 3rd quarter and the 4th quarter will begin to get pretty busy and you will see lots of growth with your child that you wouldn't have thought would be possible.  Continue to encourage him/her and to practice the many skills that we are working on at school at home as well.  Most importantly, practice learning the sight words as well as writing the letters and numbers correctly and neatly. 

Don't forget: progress reports will be coming home on February 5th and the quarter ends on March11th.  All children will need to have read and passed the test for 5 books in order to meet their 3rd quarter AR Reading Goal.  AR books can be books the children check out of the library and/or books they have at home.  Please have your child read with you/to you these books at least 5 times (possibly more if needed) before sending to school for me to give him/her the AR test over.  Some of our Reading Stars are already soaring across the board in order to meet their goals! 

Finally, we will be celebrating Catholic Schools Week next week, January 31st-February 5th.  Many fun activities have been planned for the week to celebrate.  Thank you for entrusting us with the care and educating of your child.  It truly is a blessing to get to work with them each day and watch them grow into budding little learners :)!