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Sept. 9-13

posted Sep 13, 2019, 3:43 PM by Kim Hopper
Prek: I have been going to visit our littlest friends on Thursday mornings.  We read a book and do stations in their classroom. This week they picked out "Green Eggs and Ham" from the 2 I brought.   
Kindergarten: The K class is reviewing their letters in class so this was the perfect time to read the "ABC" book by Dr. Seuss
1st: First grade got to listen to "Put Me In The Zoo".  It was picture day for upper grades, which is held in the library, so there were many classes in and out.  The 1st grade did pretty great, even with all the distractions and some change in where we were able to set things up this week. 
2nd: This week we tried really hard to "shop" for books that we not only liked, but would be in our "zone" so we would be able to enjoy and understand the books.  We have a wide selection of books in all levels to chose from and the 2nd grade is enjoying getting to explore the options they have this year now that we have more of a benchmark for them.  We are still working on getting that perfect fit of book for everyone, but I am sure it won't be long before everyone finds something they click with.
3rd: We started working on learning how a library is set up.  We talked about the spine labels on the books and how the Fiction books are arranged in ABC order by author.  We also did an activity where everyone got a random book and we got into put ourselves in order.  This was to help them locate the information on the spine label.  Now they should be able to go find a book with just the location and authors name! They enjoyed practicing this skill during checkout.  
4th: We also worked on the Fiction section and how to locate books.  This group loves the library and were very excited to see how to find what they were looking for without needing walked to a shelf.  They asked me for all sorts of books and were able to locate them with just the author.  
5th-8th: These classes come in with their Lit class once a week.  Mr. Dabek sometimes has them work on a worksheet, take a quiz, or read quietly.  They also use this time to check out/renew books, and take AR tests.  
The students will also come in during their Academic Lab or when other teachers allow to renew/checkout books, take AR tests, work on something for another class.