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August 26 2018

posted Aug 26, 2019, 7:22 PM by Dawn Hale

I want to begin by thanking everyone who came out to curriculum night.  I enjoyed having the opportunity to speak to you about my goals for your children this year.

We are beginning the third week of school, and the kids are beginning to settle into the routine.  They are doing very well coming in, turning in folders, and beginning the  important work of play.  During this important time they are practicing social skills, developing vocabulary, improving fine motor control, developing visual spacial awareness, and having fun.  I also take care of attendance and lunch count and work on journals.  

Mrs. Moore and I alternate each day helping the children with their journals.  They are writing or tracing their names and either completing a writing prompt or responding to a question.  We write their oral responses, but this is how they learn to become writers.  We are also getting to know them better and tailoring this experience to each individual child's needs.

After Labor Day, we will begin introducing a letter each week.  We will show them the capital and lowercase form of the letter, explore a yoga pose with the letter, read a poem that emphasizes the letter, and participate in the Clue Can project.  The clue can is a rotating homework assignment that will come home with two students each week.  The can will have a letter inside.  You will be asked to help your child find an object or picture of an object that begins with that letter.  The object or picture must meet three qualifications:  It must fit in the can, It can not be alive, it can not be perishable.  Then you need two write three clues about the object with your child.  I will read these clues with your child to the class, and they will try to guess the object inside.  This not only had the children using letter sounds in a meaningful context, it also develops deductive reasoning skills, and gives each child a chance to be the center of attention.  Please try to return the clue can promptly so that we can read it during the week we are studying the letter, and so that everyone gets their turn.

We are also having fun with science explorations.  Last week we got to see what happens when baking soda and vinegar mix.  The children all agreed that chemistry is fun!!

The children had their first Spanish class today.  Our teacher went over color words today. 

A couple of small business items.  
One, this Friday, August 30th is a noon dismissal.  This means our half-day friends can stay until 12 if they choose to. 
Two, when we receive the September lunch calendar, I ask that you leave it in your child's folder for the entire month.  Then please circle what your child will be buying for lunch each day.  This way there is less chance of a mis-communication.  I especially want to be sure that your child only orders Chick-Filet (at $5.50 per lunch) if you want them to.  Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

That's all for now.  God bless you all.

Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Moore