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January 13, 2020

posted Jan 13, 2020, 1:54 PM by Dawn Hale
Happy New Year!  I am so exited to begin the second half of the year in preschool.  The kids have learned so much already.  Report cards will be coming home on Wednesday.  Our report card looks at major areas of development:  spiritual formation, socialization, communication, fine motor skills, reading readiness, and math readiness.  I assess several objectives in each of these areas.  Each objective is rated as B for beginning, D for developing, or P for proficient.  Please remember, that I look at preschool as a two year program.  Some kids are only one fourth of the way through that program.  It is ok if they are just beginning to develop some of these skills.  If every child were proficient in every skill, they wouldn't need to be in the class.  If you have any questions after viewing your child's report card, please let me know, and we can either e-mail, meet before or after school to discuss, or set up a phone conference.  I am always available to talk, I just need to schedule it for a time when I am not taking care of your children.

Last week we had a great start.  I began using the stoplight system for behavior management and communication.  I hope that everyone is checking their child's calendar daily.  Be sure to express how proud you are of every green day.  Each green day means your made a choice to follow directions, stay safe, and be kind to others.  If it has been a rough start, please remember that this calendar is a tool to increase our communication.  It is not meant to stress you out.  It is a chance to have a five minute conversation with your child about what choices were good and which ones were bad, and how they can improve the next day.  Remember, every child starts on green every day.  God wipes our slates clean, it's the least we can do for our children.

In this last week we worked on the letter Nn.  We talked about the sound of the letter, how to form it, and what words begin with it.  We also covered the N with newspaper, made noodle necklaces, and made snowmen out of our names.  We also managed to read the story of the Magi visiting the baby Jesus, talk about speaking from the heart and being star listeners with Miss Katie, and worked on naming community helpers and sang a song with Mrs. Pacheco our speech and language teacher.

This week we will work on the letter O and so much more.

Have a great week.  Blessings,
Mrs. Hale