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November 18, 2019

posted Nov 18, 2019, 3:27 PM by Dawn Hale
Hello everyone,

Happy Feast Day of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne.  Today we talked about how we can follow her example of reaching out to help others, even if they are different than us, and pray always.

We had a lot of fun learning this past week.  We talked about pets since the kids have been pretending to be dogs.  We played a game where we colored fish with numerals that matched what we rolled on the dice, we played another game where we counted out dog bones to match what we rolled on the dice, and we even built habitats for my stuffed cat, dog, turtle, fish, and lizard.  

We also talked about the letter J.  Leah did a great job giving us clues about juice.  The kids also really did a great job coming up with things that start with J, including several names.  I think it's wonderful that they are learning not only the letters in their own names, but also the letters in the names of their friends and family.  Our coloring sheet this week was J is for Jesus, an we had a lot of fun gluing jewels (sequence) on the J.

We also used some of the seeds I harvested from my pumpkins and dyed to cover our names with pumpkin seeds and make patterns with them.  Many of the kids can not only finish an AB or AABB pattern, but they can construct one of their own as well.

They are learning so much!! It really is an exciting time.

A couple of reminders.  
This Thursday, November 21st is our walking field trip to the Florissant Civic Center.  Please dress your child for the weather.  
I am in need of more 5 and 3 oz dixie cups, and would greatly appreciate if everyone can send in another box of each.  I also need 2 more notebooks for 5 day kids and 1 more notebook for 3 day kids.  Thank you very much to those of you who have already sent in these items.

Dates to remember
November 21- class field trip to Civic Center
November 27 - Grandparent's Day and 12:00 dismissal
November 28 -29 - No school - Happy Thanskgiving
December 6 - 12:00 Dismissal
December 20 - Christmas Party and 12:00 Dismissal
December 23 - January 3 - Christmas Break
January 6 - Classes resume

Mrs. Hale