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October 13, 2019

posted Oct 13, 2019, 10:18 AM by Dawn Hale
Dear Parents,

Well, fall is finally in the air.  I am ready for falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and pumpkin spice.  We have had a week full of fun and learning.  We worked on the letter Ff this week.  Kimber wrote some great clues for us to guess that there was a flower in the clue can.  We did flower pose.    We painted with feathers.  We made fish that God created on day five.  We constructed and completed patterns with fire fighters.

We also participated in our first all school fire drill.  Most of the kids did a great job with getting in line quickly, following in line, and remaining quiet so we can hear any additional instructions.  All of our preparation with books and video clips about fire safety and two class fire drills really paid off.  Please continue to reinforce fire safety at home.  Your kids should know two ways out, where to meet up outside if you get separated by a fire, and the dangers associated with fire and hot objects.  We will do an additional drill this week using our alternate exit to make sure the kids understand we have more than one way out of our room.

Fr. Tom came out to school o Monday and did a blessing of the pets to celebrate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi.  The kids loved seeing all the pets and reverently participated in this fun outdoor prayer service.

We also had fun with some apple activities on Friday.  The kids tasted all three colors of apples ad graphed their favorites.  The graph is hanging in our hallway.  Green was the favorite, but not by much.  We also did some fun science seeing what weighs more than an apple.  I introduced the kids to a balance (simple machine).  We found that my weight and a unifix cube did not weigh more than the apple, but a wood block did.  Then we counted out groups of five unifix cubes to see how many it took to weigh more than a apple (60!).  

We  also did some fun Halloween and fall art projects this week.  I like to give you something to hang on the fridge for a while.  The fall project was done on Friday with our buddies and used their handprints (a lot easier to do when each preschooler has someone to help them).  

Dates to Remember
Friday, October 18 - end of 1st quarter
Wednesday, October 30 - class Halloween party (many hands make light work, even if you can't attend you can prepare a game, craft, or snack)
Thursday, October 31, Halloween No School
Friday, November 1 - All Saints Day - No School
*Preschool does not participate in parent-teacher conferences because we do a semester report card not a quarterly report card.  If you have any questions or concerns at any time, feel free to reach out to me by fast direct or email.  If you want to conference, we can always set something up before or after school.

That's all for now.  I hope that all of you have had a great weekend.

Mrs. Hale