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September  8,2017,

Dear Parents,
    This has been a very busy week in third grade.  We practice for our intruder drill.  They were very good through that!  We have also taking our first reading and English test. Please check your child's folder and return anything that is marked please sign and return.  In your child's Friday folder, they also have a Picture Day envelope.  third grade will be having their pictures taken on Thursday.  I have also asked your child to throw their gym uniform into their book bag that day.  That way they don't get their good clothes all messed up. Parents, I'm asking for your help regarding the extra talking that is happening in our room this year.  We have a lot to get accomplished, having to stop and redirect the students to keep working is unnecessary.  Please talk to your child regarding this matter.  

The following topics will be covered this week:

Religion:  We are completing Unit 2 on Tuesday.  They will be taking an open book test on Thursday.  The book will come home on Monday so they can review the material in this chapter.

Spelling:  Due to the days off last week, the children will have their spelling test on Monday this week over chapter 3.  They have taken their practice test today and most shared they did very well.

Math:This week we are covering reading thermometers, adding facts to ten, and dividing squares into 2, 4 and 8.  Every five lessons the children have an assessment covering the material taught for that week.  Parents don't forget to sign those math attacks each night as well Remember all math attacks will add up to one test grade at the end of the semester.

English:  We took our test today.  If your child is not in their Friday Folders it is on the "Wall of Fame".  This week are starting What are Nouns?, Common and Proper Nouns, Nouns in the Subject, and Writing with nouns.  Please continue to check your child's homework folders nightly.  If they need help please continue to assist them.

Reading:  We are beginning a new story " Cardigan Jones"  Some of the skills we are covering this week are; VCe patterns, reviewing kinds of sentences, long vowels a, e, i,o and u.  We are covering what is factual or a fantasy.  Our vocabulary words for this story are:  jury, convinced, guility, pointed, honest, murmur, stand and trail..

Science we are covering the moon phases, planets, and how the Earth moves.