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posted Sep 22, 2017, 2:08 PM by Unknown user
September 22, 2017

   Dear Parent(s), 
    I 'm sure the children will be glad to be finished with I.T.B.S. testing!!  They survived their  first year of filing in the answers on an separate answer grid just like the older students.
This coming week is a full week, and we will be back to the normal schedule.  Below are the topics we will be covering this coming week

Religion:  Jesus has the power over life and death, Jesus will come again and when he does we will come back to judge those who will receive the Kingdom of God.  Next Wednesday our students will be hosting the school mass.  Please have them bring in can goods for our St. Vincent Society.  With a large number of students this year, not all students will get a chance at this mass.  If they aren't doing anything this time they will next time.

Math:  We will be learning how to round numbers to the nearest tens, Writing fact families using addition and subtraction, and fraction problems dividing numbers into three equal parts.

English:  We will be covering singular and plural nouns, plural nouns where they need to use es instead of s.  The rule that applies to using the two, and we will also reviewing the special plural nouns where the word becomes a different word altogether.

Reading : We have just begun the story " Cardigan Jones".  Some of the skills that go along with this story are Long vowel sounds, reviewing the four types of sentences, words that follow the VCVe pattern, and learning about the differences between a dictionary and a glossary.  

Spelling:  This week words from unit five are abstact vowels.  ew,oo words.  The children have had the new words in their planner since last week. 

Science:  The children have just completed their Moon Phase plates.  Hopefully they will be able to look up in the night sky and tell you what type of moon we have.  This week we will discuss what the sun and moon are like, and our solar system.

Hope everyone is working on their book reports that are due September 29th.  Thanks to all those students who have worked ahead during this week of no homework and got the job completed.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend