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posted Jan 5, 2018, 2:10 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parents,
   Happy New Year!  Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas break.  Can't believe we are now into the third quarter.  This year is flying by.  Just a shout out to our Mrs. Hubert and all of our parents who helped her with our Christmas party!  Again they did an outstanding job getting us excited about Christmas.  Lots of great food and exciting games to play.  Thank as well for thinking about Mrs. Gibbons and I with all your wonderful gifts!  You are all the best!!!!.  
Upcoming events that you will need to know about this coming week:
Wednesday we will be having our English test over adjectives, adverbs and articles.  The children should have brought home their books to begin studying also at home.  We have finished our story about Bats before Christmas, so this week we have been going over the story plus vocabulary.  We will begin testing in Monday over the vocabulary, comprehension, and skills taught in this lesson.  Parents please be sure to check your child's Friday Folders and review material they missed in the class.  This coming Friday we are off due to faculty and PLC's.  the children will then take their spelling test on Tuesday due to the MLK holiday on Monday.

The following are topics we will be covering:

Math:  Writing parts of a set as a fraction,subtracting a multiply of ten from a number and using mental computation, identifying perfect squared, and showing three and four digit numbers using base ten blocks.

English:  We will be preparing for our English test on Wednesday.  We have already begun and should have their book with them.

Religion:  We hare talking about how the Holy Spirit guides the church and how the church continues to teach the true message of Jesus today.

Social Studies:  We will begin to talk about a project they will be working at school as I mentioned during Back to School Night, they goes along with Black History Month.  A paper will be coming home with your child on Thursday.  

Science:  We are covering the states of matter, and how particles of matter move.

Spelling:  The children have had their spelling words before our Christmas break.  I will be requiring the children to do their spelling work in cursive.  At first so that I can see all the tails they will not be connecting the letters together.  We are on unit 16 and the words follow the schwa sound.  

Parents this week in your child's Friday Folder was their report card.  Please continue to help your child and look over their work. Please continue to sign those math attacks, remember they add up to a test grade in math.  

Your child has also set their own personal goals for this quarter for A.R.  Please encourage them to read each evening!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!