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posted Mar 9, 2018, 1:42 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
  Can't believe that today was the last day of the third quarter!!!  Today the children set their new goals for A.R. reading. Please ask your child what they told me they wanted to reach.  Remember too parents that in the 4th quarter A.R. reading is worth 10% of your child's reading grade to get them prepared for fourth grades 25%.
The next two week are full weeks, so hopefully we can get a lot accomplished before our Easter break.  
Before are the topics we will be covering this coming week.

Religion:  We are still doing activities revolving around the Easter Season.  Hopefully, you like the wooden crosses they children made during our retreat day. We will continue to attend Stations of the Cross weekly,

Math: This week we will be identifying and solving larger - smaller difference problems,making and drawing arrays, and writing number sentences for arrays, estimating and finding the area of a rectangle, and reviewing how to find the sum of three addends.

Spelling: Unit 24 test is Monday due to our retreat day.  Unit 26 words this week will follow the pattern of  double consonant in the middle of words.  The test will be next Friday.  

English:  This week we will be finishing up Unit six.  The material that will be covered are homophones.  We will also begin reviewing for our English test next Wednesday.  The book will start coming home on Monday. 

Reading:  We are still on our story, Young Thomas Edison.  We will be learning how avoid using redundancy in our writing.  We will also be discussing pronoun-antecedent agreement. We will also be reviewing the au sound in words.

Social Studies: We will be covering culture and geography as it applies to a community.

Have a wonderful weekend!