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posted May 18, 2018, 7:07 AM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
   Welcome to our last week of school.  Things will be pretty normal Monday- Wednesday.  Hope you all have a great time at the Parish Festival!!  Thank you for sharing your child with me this year.  I believe we have all learned and grown so much this year.  I hope you have have a safe and blessed summer.  As I will tell the children.  It is very important to keep reading and reviewing their math facts during the summer, that way they start off ready to go in August.  The following is what is being covered this week.

Spelling: With our crazy schedule the children will have their last practice test on Tuesday and if needed they will take the test on Wednesday.  They have had the words in their planner for a week.  These again are words that followed the er, est pattern.

Math: We will be doing more word with our multiplication fact of 8, reviewing prime numbers less that 20, and finding the volume of a rectangular prism.

English:  The students will be sharing their stories they have written with the class on Monday and then we will share them with the preschoolers on Tuesday.  Mrs. Hisler is so excited to hear the stories!!!  First grade has only shown an interest in hearing the stories as well if time permits that to happen.

Reading :  We will be doing some additional work with our story Aero and Mike.  We will not be taking a test over this story.  Some of the skills we will be working on is Pronoun- Verb Agreement, and es and the ies pattern. This story also words with the vowel plus r sounds.

Religion:  The children will be working on their review page in religion on Monday and will be taking their last open book test on Tuesday.  The children also worked on a review page on Friday of last week to help them prepare for this test.

Monday is our 8th graders final day with their send off on Monday afternoon.  They will graduate on Tuesday.  Please keep our eighth graders in our prayers as they move adventure out to their new high schools in the fall.

Have a great weekend!