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posted Aug 16, 2018, 1:21 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
   The first day of school went very well. Today I sent home a copy of when your child has their special classes.  As you can see they do have a special every day.  Starting Monday your child will be able to order lunch.  It would be helpful if you review the lunch schedule with your child before they come to school.  We will be having our Back to School Night on Wednesday starting at 6:30 in the church.  After Mr. Morr speaks than you will be asked to go to your child(ren) classroom.  We will have three 15 minute break out sessions. See you Wednesday night!
Below are what will be covered this coming week:

Religion:  Chapter one God Sends his Own Son.  This chapter explains the life of Jesus where he grew up and about him beginning his public work.

Math:  This week we will be working with expanded and standard numbers, how to use a number line ( adding numbers and points), comparing and ordering numbers, and rounding numbers to the nearest tens. 

Reading:  The first two days of the week the children will be sharing their All About Me Posters, after that we will introduce our new vocabulary words for our first story entitled " Fine, Fine School.  This story is a humorous fiction story.  Great story to start our school year off with.

English: This week we will be covering what makes a complete sentence.  We will be reviewing statements, questions, commands and exclamation sentences.

Spelling:  As of Thursday our spelling books aren't in.  Either way I will send home the students new spelling words in their planners.  Hopefully, those too come in!  Every Friday we will take a spelling Test.  If by chance we are off on Friday the test will be given on Monday.  We will talk more about that at Back to School Night.

Social Studies :Our first several chapters cover the different types of communities.  My goal in this class is for it to be a project inactive class as oppose to giving test.  This of course will depend on how the children work with each other.

Have a great weekend!  Can't wait to see you Wednesday night!