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posted Aug 24, 2018, 12:51 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    It was so great to see you this past Wednesday night!!!Hopefully, I was able to answer many of your questions.  I will send a note home this coming week pinpointing the topics that were covered.
This coming week is a full week again with a few tests on the horizon.  Please check under the subject area below to see what is being covered this week.

Religion:  We will be finishing up chapter one this week.  Normally the children will be having open book tests over each chapter.  for the first one we will do it together so they can see how using their book as a reference is helpful.  Thursday is the day we will be doing that test together.

English:  This week we will be covering finding the predicate of a sentence, run-on sentences, and combining sentences. September 6th or 7th we will be taking our English test.  I have asked the students to start bringing home their books to review the different sections.

Spelling:  The children have been given their new spelling words for the week.  They have written them in their planners.  The practice test again will be Thursday with the actual test on Friday.

Math:  This week we will be rounding numbers to the nearest hundreds, problem solving by making a number line that will help them visualize the correct answer. We will review the concepts learned in this chapter and take our first math test Friday.  We will review the different types of problems on Wednesday and Thursday prior to the test.

Reading:  We will be reviewing words that contain blends, VCCV patterns to help see how words should be divided, and reviewing words that have the short vowel sound.  We will be taking the first part of our test over Fine, Fine School on Thursday and finish up on Friday.

Social Studies : We are covering what is a community.  This will lead into discussing the different types of communities.

Have a great weekend!