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posted Oct 6, 2017, 1:33 PM by Unknown user
Dear Parent(s),
    Hopefully you have lot of  wonderful events planned for this weekend. Can't believe we  are rapidly approaching the end of the quarter.  Please continue to check with your child to see where they stand on their A.R goals.  Parents please continue to check your child's planners and Friday Folders.  This week we had a lot of work in those folders.  This coming week we will have our English test as I mentioned last week.  We will be reviewing quiet a bit and the children have been asked to bring home their books as well.  The test will probably be on Thursday, due to us getting off early today. Continue to check their planners in the event that the date changes.
Enclosed is the following topics that will be covered this week.

Religion:  We are staring the topic about the beginning of the church.  We will discuss what the Ascension and what Pentecost mean and are about.  This week we will also be doing a living rosary.  Always so nice to involve the children in prayer.  Speaking about including the children in prayer, they did and awesome job this past Wednesday with their  class mass.

Spelling: this weeks words follow the vce pattern that we had last week in reading. 

Math:  This week we will be covering identifying a dozen, and half dozen, writing and reading numbers to 1000, writing money amounts two different ways, (Using a dollar sign and a cent sign), and finally reading and shading in a thermometer.  

English: This week we will preparing for a test.  The test is schedule for Thursday.  Please check the schedule to see if the date doesn't change to Friday.  

Science:  We have started the bones of the body.  The children I'm sure we will be singing to you lots!

Reading:  We will be starting a new story of Tuesday, "Destiny's Gift".  The skills that are taught in this lesson are simple and compound nouns, conjunctions, and the use of the vowel patterns ay, ai, ee, and ea

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!