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posted Sep 7, 2018, 12:46 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    Can't believe we are now in the month of September.  Next Friday we are at the mid-semester point.  Please ask your child how they are doing as far as reaching their A.R. goals.  As we mentioned during curriculum night, they needed to be at the 50% point and have done at least an 85% to not be in the Reading Club.  That will start on September 17th for any child who has not reached their goal.  Again, that means they will be reading during their first recess as appose to going outside to play.  Parents please check over your child's homework each evening.  Especially in math where they are asked to do multiple steps.  I'm seeing that some children are doing only part of the problems.  Thank you in advice.  Next Friday the children are not in session.  We have our faculty/ federation meeting that day.  Another important date to keep in mind is our Picture Day.  The children may dress out that day, but please remember they still need to wear tennis shoes.  Our picture will be taken Tuesday, September 11th.
The following are the topics that will be covered this coming week.

Religion:  We will be touching on Jesus teaches about the gift of faith, and the story of his death and Resurrection.  The children will be taken their first open book test on their own Monday September 17th.  This week we will be finishing up our chapter and preparing for the test.

Math:  This week we will be estimating the sum of a problems, and adding with partial sums.  

English:  We are beginning our second chapter on Monday.  We will be covering what are nouns, the difference between a common and proper noun.  We will also be locating the noun that is inside the subject.  

Spelling:  Monday is our spelling test over the second chapter words that followed the short o, and e pattern.  I will give them their new words also on Monday.  This coming weeks words will follow the short u pattern.  The words are: lunch, until, cover, buzz, become, stuff, nothing, dull, month, study, love, uncle, cuff, none, and the word under.

Reading: We are working on our story, Cardigan Jones.  The skills that are taught in this lesson are words with the long vowel sound that follow the pattern of C-V-E pattern.  For example the word bake.

Social Studies:  We are discussing the different types of communities.  Hopefully we will be able to do a fun project after we complete this unit.  

Have a great weekend, please remember to sign their planners nightly and sign their math attacks as well.