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posted Oct 5, 2018, 2:55 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s), 
    Can't believe we are rapidly reaching the end of the first quarter.  Please check with your child and see where they stand with their A.R. goals.  Remember, we are preparing for the A.R. to be worth 10% of their reading grade in the fourth quarter.  The children did an awesome job with their mass this past week!  Thank you for the can good items that will be used to support our food pantry.  We had three baskets worth!!! On this good note I would like to give a huge shout out to Anna Salvatierra, she is working very hard to reach 1000% of her reading goal this quarter. She is over 848% at the present time.  Keep up the work work Anna!
Our spelling books have finally arrived after five weeks of waiting.  Since this is a different edition then the one used last year, I will begin with chapter one, and the words used in this chapter to avoid any misunderstandings. Thanks again for all you who have helped Mrs. Kelsey out by bringing in items for our party coming up.  I'm sure she will be sending home more information about ways you can continue to make our party a success.  Thanks again Mrs, Kelsey.

The following are the topics we will be covering this coming week:

Religion: We are preparing for our third Open Book Test on Thursday.  I will encourage the children to bring their books home to prepare for the test.

English: We will review over singular possessive nouns and introduce plural possessive nouns.  We will learn how to use more exact nouns as well.  Next week Tuesday or Wednesday the children will be taking their test over Unit 2.  We will be reviewing in class at the end of this week and the beginning of next week.  I will have the children bring home their books too so you can also review with them as well.

Spelling:  The children have their new spelling words in their planners This first week we will fill out the book pages together so they get a feel on how to do pages in a spelling book.  Next week I will start them out in each section, but they will need to complete it.  The words this week follow the dr, sc, ft, nk patterns,  The words are: dry, dream, drink, score, soft, left, think, dragon, drum, scared, scarf, gift, thank, bank.

Math: We will be reviewing for a math test on Wednesday. The concepts on this test will be rounding to the nearest tens, hundreds, and partial sums.  They will also need to identify the addition properties.  The test in the test booklet I feel is unfairly written. I will use a review page to test the children's comprehension on the material covered in the chapter. Chapter 3 chapter is covering subtraction within 1000.

Reading:  We are beginning a new story this week. The name of our story is Pop's Bridge.  The genre of this story is Information Text.  Some of the skills taught in this lesson are long o spelled oa, ow. Common and Proper Nouns, compound sentences, and word families.  The vocabulary words that are used in this story are: crew, tide, cling, balancing, foggy, disappears, stretch, excitement.

Science:  We will begin learning about the bones of the body.  Always a fun unit to do around Halloween.