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posted Oct 13, 2018, 6:49 AM by Cindy Driskill   [ updated Oct 13, 2018, 6:57 AM ]
Dear Parent(s),
    We are now in the second quarter.  Your child was allowed to choose their new A.R. goals as long as it was larger than the goal I set for them in the first quarter.  Congratulations to all the students who made their goals!!! A special shout out goes to Anna Salvatierra for reaching 1002% of her reading goal this past quarter!  So proud of you Anna!!!! Please ask your child what they set their goal at and remember to have them read nightly. Parents, please also remember to sign and time your child's math attacks nightly.  As I explained at Open House those add up to a math grade at the end of the quarter. Please keep a look out for information coming from Mrs. Kelsey about the Halloween party coming up.  Thanks to all of you who are working with Jen to make this a successful party. 
The following are the topics we will be covering this coming week:

Religion: We are beginning a new chapter which covers the beginning of the church and Jesus' s promise to send the Holy Spirit to help us when we returned to his Heavenly Father at the Ascension.

English:  We are preparing for our English test this coming Wednesday.  The children should also be bringing their books home as well to prepare for Chapter 2 test covering nouns. 

Science:  We have begun learning some of the bones in our body.  They will be asked to sing to you a song that will help them remember these bones.  They seem to be very excited and ask when they come in the room in the morning when science is?  At the end they will be assembling their own skeleton. 

Reading :  We are finishing skill reading and learning material for the story " Pop's Bridge".  We will be reviewing compound/ simple sentences, common and proper nouns, and word families.  We will begin taking our reading test on Thursday and finish up on Friday.

Spelling:  Since our new spelling books came in last week as I mentioned on our last posting, they will now be doing an assignment weekly in a spelling book as well. Again to make this easy for everyone to follow, and since these words follow a different pattern then the other spelling book we are beginning at the beginning of the book.  The words this week are following the ch, sh, th, ng patterns. The words this week are: rich, finish, they, mother, something, long, morning, chain, touch, shadow, smash, thick, tooth, ring.

Math:  We have completed our second chapter.  I will have grades posted soon. This week we will begin our chapter were they will have to be subtracting using rounding by the nearest tens, hundreds, front end estimations and partial differences. Most of our children really were getting a hang of rounding in the past quarter.  However, parents I'm asking that you please check over their homework nightly.  Please also have your children write neatly. We are also beginning to make flash cards for the 9 and 7's in multiplication this week.  I will be asking them to go over these nightly to learn their facts.

Have a wonderful weekend!