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posted Oct 22, 2018, 8:11 AM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parents,
   Came up this weekend to add my page, and evidently  this area loss their power.  Hopefully you all a wonderful weekend! Don't forget about Parent- Teacher Conferences this week.  A paper went home with your child on Friday along with their report card. Their is no school on Friday, so the spelling test will be on Monday of next week.  The following are the topics we will be covering this week.

English:  We will be covering verbs in the present and the past.

Math: This week we will subtracting using partial differences, doing a review of what has been covered so far in this chapter, and we will be subtracting three digit numbers.

Religion:  We are still covering Chapter 4 which covers the beginning of the church. We are discussing Pentecost, the day in which the Holy Spirit came to his followers.  

Science:  We have been learning the bones of the body.  This week they will be asked to sing you the song if they haven't already.  They will also be cutting out and assembling a skeleton.

Reading : We are beginning a new story this week. Roberto Clemente.  This is a biography about his rise to success as a baseball player.  The vocabulary words are: stands, fans, score, league, slammed, style, pronounced, polish.  Some of the skills taught in this lesson are literal, and non literal meanings, and the long i spellled i, ie, igh.

Spelling:  The words this week follow the consonant /j/ and /s/ sounds.  The words this week are: large, page, jam, center, pencil, sometimes, silly, orange, jeans, joke, jelly, circle, cents, circus.

Have a great week!