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posted Nov 2, 2018, 2:33 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    A special thank you to all of our parents who took time out of their day to come make the children's Halloween Party such a success!  This coming Friday is a noon dismissal due to our PLT meeting.  If your child is going to aftercare that day, they will need to bring a lunch and a drink. The children did a wonderful job on their first book report. In a few weeks I will be sending home a paper explaining their next project. We have a schedule change for the second quarter. The children will not have computers on Tuesday, but instead they will go to computers on Thursday.  The following are the topics we will be covering this coming week:

Reading:  We will be taking their tests over Roberto Clemente on Monday and Tuesday.  The children were encouraged to bring their book home to go back over the story. The next story we will begin on Wednesday is about bats entitled Bat Loves the Night. The vocabulary words for this story are: detail, squeak, echoes, swoops, twitch, slithers, doze, snuggle.  Some of the skills taught in this lesson are VCV patterns so we know how to divide a word. Suffixes with able, ible, and long i using ie, igh patterns.

Math:  We just finished our mid chapter review in class this past wee.  It appears that many have a good grasp on the material that is covered so far in this chapter.  This week we will be subtracting across zeros and we will be working on story problems.  

Religion: We are beginning Chapter 5.  In this chapter we cover how the Apostles led the church. We will also learn how strong they were and regardless of the situation they stood up for their faith.

Science:  We have completed the unit on the skeletal system.  We are moving onto the solar system, beginning with the moon phases.

English:  The week we will be learning about the Special verb of Be, Helping verbs, and irregular verbs.

Spelling:  The children are taking their spelling test over words with s, es endings.  Monday they will get their new words and chapter.  This coming week the words follow the pattern of ed and ing endings.  The words this week are: started, starting, smiled, smiling, cried, crying, planned, planning, hoped, hoping, fried, frying, hopped, hopping.

Have a wonderful weekend