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posted Oct 13, 2017, 2:39 PM by Unknown user
October 13, 2017
    Parent(s), hard to believe that we are finished with the first quarter already.  Report cards and conference slips will be sent home with your child next Friday.  Your child has set their new reading goal for the second quarter as well.  Every child needed to pick a goal that was more than 5 points.  Please ask your child what they choose to be their goal, and as always continue to have them read each evening.
The following are the topics we will be covering this week:

Religion:  We are covering the beginning of the early church and how brave the apostles had to be to carry on and to spread the word of the church.  They will be having an open book test on Friday.  I will have the children start bringing their book home this week.

Spelling: Unit 7 covers the long vowel sound heard in ai, and ay.  

Math:  Will be be learning how to estimate line segments using centimeters, estimating sums of two digit numbers and adding multiplies using mental computation.

English:  We are starting a new chapter over verbs.  Many papers were adding to our wall of frame this week.  If your child's paper is not in their homework folder, you might want to ask them how well they did.  This week we will be covering what is a verb, and the presence and past form of a verb.

Reading:  We are reading Destiny's Gift.  This story is a heartwarming story about a girl who befriends a book store  owner and helps her to save her store from closing.  Some of the skill that we will be covering are Simple and Compound sentences using conjunction. ( or, and, but, and so) and when we need to use them.  We are also covering antonyms, and reviewing the four types of sentences.

Science:  We have begun learning some of the bones that make up our bodies.  They will be asked to sing you the song one night this week.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Get out and enjoy this great weather.