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posted Nov 14, 2018, 12:47 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s), 
    Just a friendly reminder, Wednesday is a Grandparents Day celebration.  A letter should be coming soon about the schedule of the day.  The children of the same families will all be the same room to make it easier for the grandparents to spend time with all the grandchildren as suppose to having to split their time running from one room to the next.  The dismissal time is 12:00 with no aftercare that day.
The following are the topics we will be covering for our short week:

Spelling:  The words that the children will be u sing they will not be tested on until the Friday of the week after our Thanksgiving break.  The words are following the short e pattern, the words are: smell, then, together, getting, head, ready, instead, fresh, spelling, else, breakfast, dead, feather, bread. 

Math:  We will be working with our flash cards and working on the facts that they have written up at this point. We will begin our new chapter covering representing multiplication as repeated addition.

Reading:  We will introduce our new story What Do Illustrators Do?  The vocabulary words for this story are: imagine, tools, illustrate, scibbles, sketches, tracing, research, and texture.  We will not get very much done before the holiday. The skills that go along with this story are:  Three letter clusters scr, spr, str, and thr.  This story also reviews the use of synonyms.

Science:  We will be working this week with the moon phases. 

English: We will have a test coming very soon over our unit covering verbs.  The test won't happen until the middle of the week after we return from the holidays.  I will let you know more by next week what day that test will be on.  Please also check your child's planner.  We will also write it in there as well.

Religion:  We will be taking our Open Book test over Chapter 5 on Tuesday.  I will encourage the children to take the books home to prepare for the test.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and for all of our families that are traveling please be safe!