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posted Dec 7, 2018, 2:11 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    One more full week before the Christmas break begins.  A letter went home today explaining what time and what the children are asked to wear for the Christmas Concert.  Please have them come to the classroom by 6:15.  Such a wonderful way to start your Christmas season by hearing their beautiful voices.  Please pay close attention to Mrs. McKays newsletter explaining all the events for the next two weeks.  Again, than you to all who have sent in items for our Christmas Party.  The children did a wonderful job on the mass this past week.  If you couldn't make it this time, our class has mass two more times this year.  The following are the topics we will be covering this coming week:

Religion:  We will be doing some extra activities that revolve around the Advent Season/ Christmas Season.  This Tuesday we will be going to Reconciliation as well.

Spelling: This weeks words follow the short/ long a pattern.  The words this week are: last, and, ,math, began, tail, afraid, today, camping, trail, aim, Maine, holiday, crayon, spray.

English: This week we will be working with adjectives.  Adjectives that answer the what how many .  We will also be comparing adjectives, and learning when to use the article a, an or the.

Math:  We are at the half way point in our chapter and we will spend a few days reviewing what has been covered so far at this point.  The use of a number line, how to read and write an array.  This week we will be multiply with the commutative property, and of course reviewing our multiplication facts we have been learning at this point.  Please parents it is important that the children go over their facts nightly!

Reading: We are finishing up on our story " Harvest Birds"  The children will be bring their books home on Tuesday so they can read the story to you.  Thursday and Friday we will be taking our tests on the story.  This week we will be doing additional work with commas in address, and more work with our silent letters kn, and wr.  

Science: We will be working on what the sun and planets are like?  With our crazy, short schedule this week we did not get to this.  

Have a great weekend as always!