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posted Jan 18, 2019, 8:48 AM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    Hope you enjoy your long weekend.  This past week in your child's Friday Folder was a letter explaining our next project in social studies.  They will be getting the name of the person that they need to do research on Tuesday.  I hope you too as well as the children learn a lot about their person.  Encourage them to have fun with the project.  The following are the topics we will be covering this week:

Religion: We are still learning about the four marks of the church.  The children will be taking a test over Chapter 8 on Monday of next week.  

Math:  The children should have brought their math books home this weekend to review what we have covered in chapter 4.  They will be testing over that chapter on Wednesday.  The concepts again using multiplication and division using a number line, and an array. They will also be using story problems to solve for the missing variable. 

English:  The children just completed Unit 4 over adjectives and adverbs.  I'm so very proud of many of them.  In a class on 27, 21 of the children's paper made it on the Wall of Fame.  Way to go third graders.  Remember to make it on the wall they had to have gotten a 90% or greater.  This week we are beginning our chapter over Capitalization and Punctuation.  We will be covering correct sentences, and Capitalizing Proper Nouns.

Social Studies:  As mentioned above, the children will be picking the name of a famous African American Person in history.  They will begin doing research on that person for the next few weeks.  Remember the project will be due February 19th.  Plenty of time to do a wonderful job on it!  If you need to see past students projects please stop by my room.  I know that I also showed you all during our back to school night in September.

Reading:  We are reading a story entitled Young Thomas Edison.  This is a biography about the life of Thomas Edison.  The skills that are taught in this book are the words with the au, aw, al, o sound as in sauce. This week we will also be learning the difference between an object and subject pronoun.

Spelling:  Due to the children being off on Monday and Friday, they will be taking our spelling test on Tuesday.  The new words for the next coming week are come from a review unit. The words will be breakfast, instead, ready, together, asleep, ready, lucky, video, afraid, city,secret, camping, today, ago,load, road, picnic,sky, his, winter, with.

Have a wonderful weekend!