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posted Oct 20, 2017, 3:01 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    Several important papers went home in your child's Friday Folders this week.  First being their report cards for the first quarter.  Inside that envelope is your conference time.  Please make sure that you mark that time in your calendar.  Secondly, there will not be any aftercare on Thursday.  With teacher's being in conferences and our other workers being in classes, we had no one to work that early dismissal.  This will give you plenty of time to make those necessary arrangements.  Friday is a day off due to conferences on Thursday and Thursday night.
The following topics will be covered this coming week.

Religion: This week we will be learning about the important role the Apostle played in the time of the early church.  Some key words for this week are " Gospel and Martyrs"  How brave they must have been!

Spelling: Unit 9 words follow the long e pattern using ee, and ea.  Due to an early dismissal on Thursday and no school Friday, the spelling test will be on Monday of the following week.  We will still have the practice test on Thursday, so you know what words might need to be practice harder.

English:We will be working with more verbs in the past where the verbs either ends with an e or a y.  Do we need to drop the e or change the y to an i before adding the suffix ed. We will also be working with verbs in the future.  

Science:  We are skill working on our unit about the "bones".  Hope you all enjoyed the song.  They will be performing the song to toher classes sometime this week and assembling a skeleton for them to bring home.

Math:  This week we will be adding 5 and 6, taking our fact assessments and written assessment on material covered this past week.  We will also be counting quarters, or by 25's.Finally, we will be finding sets of an object.

Reading:  We are finishing up our story " Destiny's Gift"  We will be starting on Tuesday a story entitled "Pop's Bridge"  This story is an information text.  Some of the skills that are covered in this unit are the vowel pairs ai, ay, ee, and ea.  The vocabulary words are crew, tide, cling, balancing, foggy, disappear, stretch, and excitement.  We will also be reviewing proper and common nouns with this story.

Have a great weekend and see you at the Parent- Teacher Conference on Thursday!