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posted Feb 22, 2019, 2:31 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    Can't believe this is the last week of February!!! Time is marching on for sure.  Important information and dates to remember for this coming week.  Tuesday, the children will be going up to St. Catherine's Nursing Home to show present their projects. They do a great job for the class they had to visit.  Friday, the children are off for a faculty meeting/ federation meeting. The following are the things that will be covered this coming week:

Religion: We will be discussing the different types of prayers, and how the Church prays at all times. The children will also get an opportunity this week to attend adoration.

Spelling: This weeks words are homophones.  They will need to remember what each homophone means.  The following words are: there, their, they're, hour, our, to, too, two, tail, tale, whole, hole, weak, week.

Math: This week the children will be solving for an unknown variable, and using problem solving strategies to answer story problems.

English: This week we will be working on subject pronoun, pronouns and verbs, and object pronouns.

Reading: We are still working on the story we began this past week entitled, Technology Wins the Game.  The skills this week are the vowel pattern oi, oy,, changing y to an i before adding the endings, and using the suffixes less, ful, and ous.

Science: We are beginning the chapter about the Properties of Matter.  The children will learn about the properties of matter, the three states of matter, and how matter can changed from one state to another.

Have a great weekend!