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posted Mar 8, 2019, 2:57 PM by Cindy Driskill
Dear Parent(s),
    Welcome to Lent!  Such a wonderful time for us to slow ourselves down and spend more time with God in prayer.  During Lent, the third graders will be attending Stations of the Cross every Friday at 2:00.  If you are free, please stop by and pray with us.  The following are the topics we will be covering this week:

Religion:  We will be reading and working on projects for the next few weeks that will revolve around the Lenten Season.

Reading:  We are beginning a new story this week entitled Tops and Bottoms. This story is a trickster tale about a rabbit who outsmarts a lazy bear.  Some of the skills that are taught in this unit are: Capitalizing and punctuating using quotations,homophones,idioms, verb tenses and the contractions n't, 'd, 've. 

Math:  This week we will be working on break apart multiplication problems, multiplying by 3's and 4's.

English:  We are getting very close to finishing up our chapter. We will be finishing up and reviewing a few skills this week and will take our test some time the following week.  As we get closer I will let you know what day that will happen. I'm thinking more like March 20th or 2st.

Science: This week we will learn what makes up matter, and how the particles in matter move.

Spelling:  This weeks words follow the double consonant pattern.  This weeks words are: happen, pretty, letter, little, rabbit, off, hurry, million, balloon, ladder, puddle, middle, hammer, lesson.

Have a great weekend and welcome to the fourth quarter.